Claudia Morales McCain at Press Works

claudia morales mccain paints
Claudia Morales McCain working the monotype plate before printing at Press Works.

Press Works is proud to be working with another Southland painter and artist, Claudia Morales McCain. Claudia arrived to the Press Works shop mid-morning Saturday, November 15th and worked with Todd to print two beautifully scrumptious monotypes. She started several others and will be returning for a second and third and possibly fourth visit before finishing her monotype suite. We hope to be exhibiting all her prints sometime in early 2015.

Claudia first creates a watercolor/gouache painting on BFK Rives print paper. Todd then rolls out a flat of ink to Claudia’s specifications. The ink is transferred to the plate via a roller and the watercolor painting laid down over the plate and put through the press. Claudia adds another element, this time painting ink onto the plate and transferring it onto the print. Todd and Claudia finished the above print by creating a stencil with geometric shapes and rolling the ink directly onto the print through the stencil. The underlying layers of watercolor, gouache, and printing ink create a beautifully layered image. Below are a series of images loosely documenting the process.

Every artist brings her own energy and spirit to the shop and Claudia is no exception. Her drive and determination to create engaging and thoughtful imagery added a special feeling to the day. It is a pleasure to work with her and we cannot wait for the follow up visits to complete this series.