Chris Trueman

Summer Series 2018.  A Varied Edition of Ninety-two Screenprints.

Chris Trueman is spending part of his summer working with Todd and his assistants at Press Works printing a varied edition of unique screenprints inspired by Southern California light and space.  At the end of each week during the summer we will roll out another seven prints until September 23rd when the entire varied edition will be available for viewing.  If you happen to see something you like before then feel free to contact us.  We are happy to assist you in purchasing a print.  All the screenprints in this edition have unique color patterns based on how we laid down the inks onto Chris’ stencil.  Each image is printed on 30″x22″ Stonehenge (100% rag printing paper, acid free, buffered with two deckled edges) using Permaprint Inks. The image size is 26.25″x20.5″.

We are selling each print for $400.00 (unframed).



Chris Trueman Price List for mixed-media monoprint series.