Jan Harvey Studio Visit

jan harvey with pressTodd traveled out to Yucaipa in the San Bernardino foothills on Wednesday to visit with artist and printmaker Jan Harvey. Jan has been involved in teaching SolarPlate etching workshops for the past fourteen years after she learned the technique from Dan Welden, the founder and leading expert on SolarPlate.

SolarPlate is a type of photopolymer etching process that allows you to use the sun to expose images onto the plate’s surface. After developing it in water and curing the plate is inked, wiped, and put through a printing press transferring the image to paper. Jan works figuratively with photographic imagery and translates her them into richly printed etchings. The marriage between the paper and the printing ink gives a visually lush image. Jan will be participating in the upcoming exhibit at Chaffey Community Museum of Art (CCMA) in summer 2015. Thank you Jan for showing us your studio and discussing your work and creative process.