Leslie A. Brown Studio Visit

brown temeculaTodd traveled to avacado country, Temecula, to visit the home and studio of artist Leslie A. Brown for inclusion in the CCMA print exhibition, “Under Pressure” slated for summer 2015. Todd went to see Leslie’s work and discuss what they would like to include. Leslie’s work is mainly figurative and focuses on the the female figure as a mythical construct placed in contemporary settings surrounded by images and places that represent our modern world. The Greek goddess Aphrodite is one of her favorite figures, often emersed in water to symbolize her origin story. Leslie is currently mixing digital prints with traditional monotype techniques, Pronto lithographic plates and gesso transfers creating a series of portraits of women.

“My work has evolved to be purely figurative in nature. Years of study has delivered me to a place where the work has become completely intuitive. Nothing is pre- planned and the large pieces especially, develop in process, usually beginning from vision during a meditative state or dreams. I have been called “a mystic” in my approach to artmaking and I feel as though I am in some way a vehicle for expression of the unconscious or at the very least a voice for something much larger than my ego.” Leslie A. Brown