Erin Morrison at Press Works

Press Works is pleased to announce its latest collaboration with visual artist Erin Morrison. She stopped by the shop on Sunday and dove right in. Erin was exposed to printmaking while an MFA graduate student at UCLA under the direction of Jacob Samuel so she was not timid about approaching the process. Erin began by painting directly onto the paper with a set of watercolor and gouache paints. After creating a number of colorful gesture paintings, Erin subtracted flats of ink from a large acrylic sheet prepared by Press Works’ printer Todd Smith.

Before coming to Press Works, Erin had experimented with creating monotypes by hand on panes of window glass. That material however precluded the use of a printing press. By using acrylic glass, we were able to utilize the press’s pressure and squeeze more pigment into the paper fibers and allow a broader range of color saturation and layering.

Erin finished seven 22″ x 30″ prints in one day at Press Works and lucky for us, she left two more unfinished prints. We are scheduling a follow up visit and will have all of Erin’s prints available by the end of October. Our video editing department is working on a short of Erin working and we hope to have that up for viewing real soon. And after seeing the Japanese prints in Denver and how Erin works creating wonderful shapes and forms, we think a multiple woodblock print may be in order

Thank you for visiting Press Works and stay tuned for more featured artists, more workshops for the general public, and more artists printing. Thank you Erin.