Collagraph Workshop at World City

Saturday, May 9th Todd traveled out to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to set up a workshop booth for the Music Center’s World City concert series. It was a sad occasion as this was the very last World City concert ever. The series, which has run for the past twelve years, was abruptly cancelled as The Music Center goes

through a series of changes in personnel and mission goals. Whether or not these changes will improve the mission of educating people on the value of music, visual art, and world culture remains to be seen.

The featured musical group was Kulu Mele African Drum and Dance Ensemble.  A group that “preserves, presents and builds upon the dance and music of Africa and the African Diaspora.”

Todd designed a collagraph workshop based on the collagraph techniques of Cuban artist  Eduardo Roca who goes by the name Choco.

Todd had a great time working with concert goers who came to hear and see Kulu Mele’s amazing performances.