Chris Trueman Monotype/Screenprint

TXT-8 Chris TruemanPress Works began printing screenprint images over Chris Trueman’s monotypes. We printed a pearlescent white over the monotyped aqua blue. The Akua Intagalio inks and the Permaset Aqua inks printed great together. The final images look great and each one is unique, layered, and beautiful.

We printed two more with the same screened image. Chris is going to create another design to be screenprinted over the other monotypes. Press Works will have all of Chris’s monotypes up by summer’s end in our new “Visiting Artist’s Gallery” which is currently under construction.

Pchris trueman visit 1rint-nerd extra…and of course we got so into prepping the screen and Oooing and Ahhhing over the monotypes that Todd forgot he had cut down his largestchris trueman visit 2 squeegee from another job. He spent a few hours fabricating a custom squeegee from dumpster-dived wood and spare pins from other squeegees. Luckily he had a roll of squeegee laying around the shop too. The aluminum bar adds strength to the wooden handle which was a bit on the thin side.